Kustom Shanute Kansas 1-15B

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Bass Cabinet | Kustom | 1-15B

Vintage 1970s Bass cabinet with 1x15" JBL D140F speaker.

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1x15 Bass Cabinet 
OWNER: Musikshopen

Kustom Amplification or Kustom Electronics is a manufacturer of guitar and bass amplifiers and PA equipment and accessories. Since 1999, Kustom has been owned by the Hanser Music Group headquartered in Hebron, Kentucky, which also owns Michael Kelly Guitars, B.C. Rich Guitars, Traben Bass Company, Spector Bass, Diezel Amplification, and Premier Percussion.

Artists using Kustom products in the 1960s and '70s spanned a wide stylistic range from Rock (Creedence Clearwater Revival, Leon Russell, The MC5) to Country (Johnny Cash) to Pop (The Jackson 5, the Carpenters) to R&B (James Jamerson) and Jazz (Herbie Hancock). There are many reasons for this wide acceptance: higher power levels than the competition, product reliability, the visual flair and innovative features that other companies simply didn't offer.

Source: Wikipedia, Kustom.com

Manufacturing year: Unknown

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