Soundwoofer - Free Impulse Response Library

Not everyone has access to expensive amplifier speakers and impulse responses are the "spirit" of those physical devices in a digital format.

We belive that the ability to produce a great sound should be available to everyone.

So we built a library where we, as a community can collect them all.

Recent updates

1 000 000+ Downloads


We've reached a total of 1 000 000+ downloads as of today!

Here's the top 20

  1. 19987 - Rocksta Reactions Fender Twin Reverb SM57 A 2 3 3 45
  2. 15424 - Rocksta Reactions Marshall JCM800 Lead Series SM57 C -5 0 1
  3. 13760 - Randall RT412 SM57 A 3 0 2
  4. 13366 - Rocksta Reactions Mesa Traditional SM57 C 5 -1 3 45
  5. 10029 - Marshall 1960VB SM57 A -2 0 0 45
  6. 9938 - Ampeg Classic B5 Left A 230 200 320
  7. 9253 - Rocksta Reactions Marshall JCM800 Lead Series NT1-A B 0 0 2
  8. 8343 - Rocksta Reactions Fender Twin Reverb Seiren Pro R A 8 4 45 45
  9. 8179 - Rocksta Reactions Mesa Traditional NT1-A A 0 0 3
  10. 7483 - Rocksta Reactions Fender Twin Reverb Seiren Pro L A 8 4 45 45
  11. 5963 - Rocksta Reactions Mesa Traditional D6 D 0 -18 -36
  12. 5896 - Rocksta Reactions Marshall JCM800 Lead Series E906 A 0 0 1
  13. 5662 - Rocksta Reactions Koch MT184S C -1 1 1
  14. 5607 - Rocksta Reactions Marshall JCM800 Lead Series D6 C 0 0 -37
  15. 5328 - Marshall 1960VB B5 Left A 230 200 320
  16. 5081 - C414_1_foot_pres_1
  17. 4865 - Ampeg Classic SM57 A 0 0 0
  18. 4303 - Ampeg Classic B5 Right A 230 200 320
  19. 4264 - Ampeg Classic BD300 B 22 32 -61
  20. 4120 - Ampeg Classic NT1-A A 22 5 16

Custom samples are here


You can now upload your own sample

This update allows you to upload your own sample that you use to preview impulses with. Keep in mind that the sample you choose must be recorded in a special way.
Heres a guide on how to do that

To upload a sample head to your profile page, after you have done that you can select your own sample in the 'Select genre'-dropdown list.

We are aware that there might be some performance issues here and we are currently working on that


Become a contributor - earn a pack


Two library packs are available for bulk download.

We have received feedback about how useful it would be if the library was available for download as packs and we agree. So, therefore we have made two packs available. In order for you to get access to them we need something in return.

Pack one - Contains 350+ Impulses and can be found in your profile after you have logged in.

Pack two - Contains 1185 impulses and can be found in your profile after you have uploaded an Impulse of your own to the library.

A minor, less obvious update is that you now can use your email to login and not just your username.

Standalone impulses


Standalone impulses are here!
We figured that uploading impulse responses to our library was a hassle for all of you.
So while we are working on a new way to create those sweet IR's we decided to add another section to the library:

Standalone impulse responses

These buggers do not require a connection to anything. The more you know the impulse you are adding the easier it will be for others to find it.
Simply select the file, give it a name and a nice description and you're set.
To celebrate the launch of this new section we have added about 1200 of them!
Check them out!

User account launch


We have just opened up for user registrations,!
To create a user account use the 'Login' button in the upper right corner.

As a logged in user you can upload your own impulse responses to our library.

If you have any questions - feel free to send us a message at Facebook or email

Note that this is a very early access and we are releasing new features as soon as they are ready

Checkout the video by Carl on how to register and upload you impulses below!

How it works

The impulse response is the sound of the amplifier speaker. Every speaker has a particular sound quality which will drastically alter the result of any recording – no one speaker sounds alike! By capturing the frequencies of the impulse response on an amplifier speaker, and then transforming it into a simple .wav-file, you're able to replicate the exact sound of that speaker digitally. These -files are then made readily available on this site for you to dig into and start creating your next masterpiece.


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