Torque 1x12 Bass Cabinet

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Bass Cabinet | Torque | 1x12

Bass cabinet with 1x12" Celestion red label Truvox 1018 speaker.

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1x12 Bass Cabinet 
OWNER: Musikshopen

We recorded this component at Rocksta Sound Ranch.

To maintain a level of quality that has been associated with the Torque trademark for many years, each amplifier is rigorously monitored, including complete testing of all its functions.

Using special equipment for testing and critical approach to sound, the products are strictly checked for exact compliance with all sound quality parameters of the declared specification. No less stringent requirements are placed on the components of acoustic systems and cabinets to ensure that the finished product corresponds to the design parameters.

Currently, a new (installation) line of powerful Torque speaker systems is being designed for professional use. Engineers from Russia, Italy, Germany, and England are involved in this work. Their task is to create acoustic systems taking into account the recommendations and requests of all potential users and consumers that meet all the stringent requirements for products of this class today.


Manufacturing year: Unknown

Soundwoofer - Component - Torque 1x12 Bass Cabinet

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