Yorkville Stage 120B Combo

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Bass Combo | Yorkville | Stage 120B

Bass combo with 1x15" Yorkville 7524 speaker.

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1x15 Bass Combo 
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Yorkville Sound is a manufacturer of audio amplifiers (including the Traynor amplifier line), loudspeakers and related professional sound reinforcement equipment. Based in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, the firm has a global presence as an importer and exporter of audio electronic products.

Yorkville manages its original Traynor brand, its own Yorkville brand and has expanded to include other brands such as Apex and ART (Applied Research and Technology). Yorkville provides North American distribution for Hughes & Kettner guitar amplifiers as well as exclusive distribution for Epiphone guitars, Gibson guitars, Garrison guitars, Ritter bags], beyerdynamic microphones and Gallien-Krueger amplifiers.

Founded in the back room of the original Long & McQuade Music store in downtown Toronto in 1963, co-founder Peter Traynor, a repairman at the time, developed a bass guitar amplifier dubbed the \"Traynor Dyna-Bass\" as a rugged and reliable alternative to amps currently available at the time. The Dyna-Bass amp was specifically designed and built to withstand the rigors of rentals and the road. Shortly thereafter, he and Jack Long officially started Yorkville Sound, and by the end of 1963 Yorkville was making P/A column speakers as well as bass amps and cabinets. After incorporating in 1965, Yorkville Sound expanded its sales into the USA and soon after added a guitar amplifier (the YGA-1) and a powered P/A mixer (the YVM-1) to the line. Throughout the 1960's Yorkville continued to grow and become a serious force in North America for P/A and instrument amplification products.

In 1972 Yorkville expanded distribution into Europe with representation in the UK and Sweden. Growth continued in various phases through the 1970's and early 1980's, when the Yorkville design lab had an influx of new blood. In 1986, Yorkville introduced élite speaker cabinets and AudioPro mixing consoles which proved to be incredibly successful, pumping new life into the company. Since 1986 Yorkville has become even stronger. The addition of the AudioPro amplifier series in 1987, the continued growth and refinement of the élite series speaker systems, the addition of the TX-Series concert loudspeakers in 1996, and new up-to-date versions of the AudioPro powered mixers helped bring Yorkville to its present day prominence.

In 1999, Yorkville Sound purchased Applied Research and Technology (ART), based in Rochester New York and continues the development, manufacture and distribution of products under that brand.

The re-introduction of Traynor all-tube guitar and bass amps was witnessed in Spring 2000, beginning with the Custom Valve40 and expanding exponentially over the next decade. Most recently new releases include the Traynor DarkHorse and IronHorse heads and cabinets, the reissue of the highly sought after hand wired Traynor YGM3 guitar amp, and most recently the introduction of the Traynor YBA300 300-watt all tube bass head.

Source: Wikipedia, yorkville.com

Manufacturing year: Unknown

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