Rocksta Reactions Mesa Traditional

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This rig was recorded at Rocksta sound ranch and is a part of our reaction series For additional information check out each component


Mesa Dual Rectifier | Amplifier | Mesa Engineering - Dual Rectifier

100W Guitar Amplifier OWNER: Jörgen Kristensen Mesa/Boogie (also known as Mesa Engineering) is an American company in Petaluma, California, that manufactures amplifiers for guitars and basses. It has been in operation since 1969. MESA was started by Randall Smith as a small repair shop which modified Fender Amplifiers, particularly the diminutive Fender Princeton. Smith's modifications gave the small amps much more input gain, making them much louder as well as creating a high-gain, distorted guitar tone. Prominent early customers included Carlos Santana, and Ron Wood and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. Exposure from these top players helped to establish Mesa/Boogie's position on the market, and it is frequently referred to as the first manufacturer of boutique amplifiers. Originally introduced in 1992. The line-up began as the Dual Rectifier series of amps, which included the Solo, Heartbreaker, Maverick, and Blue Angel*. All amps in the series, except for the Blue Angel had two forms of electrical rectification (conversion of power from AC to DC): Silicon diodes and one or more vacuum tube(s) that the user could select via a switch located on the back panel of the amplifier (hence the name "Dual Rectifier"). While the Heartbreaker and Maverick used only one 5AR4 tube rectifier, the Solo employed two 5U4G tubes. This distinction engendered the misconception that the name Dual Rectifier was derived from this amp; the Solo's popularity only reinforced this misconception. Future designs would further contradict and confuse the line's namesake. * The Blue Angel was designed with only a vacuum tube rectifier but retained the Dual Rectifier designation. In short order, Randall Smith ceased production of the other Dual Rectifier amps and concentrated on producing different configurations of the Solo, which became the Dual Rectifier. Source: Wikipedia

Mesa Traditional 4x12 | Cabinet | Mesa Engineering - Traditional 4x12

4x12 Guitar Cabinet OWNER:Jörgen Kristensen



Rocksta Reactions Mesa Traditional D6 D 0 -18 -36

This impulse is a part of our reaction series. This rig was probided by Jörgen Kristenssen of Dead Awaken

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Rocksta Reactions Mesa Traditional NT1-A A 0 0 3

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Rocksta Reactions Mesa Traditional SM57 C 5 -1 3 45

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